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   Summary:      Extensive experience with creative software and big data product development.  Background in software engineering of database, internet and quantitative decision support applications, with a special emphasis on the Securities, Clinical Research and Internet Industries. Expert database knowledge, internals and applications, performance tuning, modeling, distributed database programming.  Experience with most major RDBMS vendors, NoSQL, object-oriented, time-series, OLAP, MPP and transaction-driven applications. data parallel programming and algorithm development.







Oracle 11/10g,9/8i

Homogenous & Heterogeneous Services





SQLServer 200x

PostGres, psql

DDBE incl internals








Oracle Express











Oracle PL/SQL

Oracle Pro*C






CGI Script

Bash, C, Korn Shell

Apache WebServer



Other Database Related:


Parallel Query




Crystal Reports










Operating Systems:


UNIX (Linux,


Berkeley,  Solaris,














































IMSL Library


IBM RS6000

Dec Alpha SMP





Hewlett Packard


IBM Mainframe



Senior Staff Architect at, 1/10 -present

The product is Cloud and on-premise based Enterprise Backup, Retrieve and eDiscovery.

·         Refined requirements and created ERD and ETL to evolve next generation backup product.

·         Improved performance and maintainability of database retrieval for partitioned VLDB.

·         Designed a conflict resolution algorithm to support distributed, multi-user file synchronization.

·         Designed next generation server architecture for Enterprise Backup and Legal Hold.

·         Technical lead for combined distributed scrum team in India and US.


Independent Consultant - Data Warehouse Architect at DataXu, 9/09-12/09

The project was a data warehouse that produces reports showcasing DataXu advertising effectiveness.

·         Refined requirements and produced detailed engineering spec.

·         Designed and implemented the architecture, schema and user’s SQL.

·         Extract, Transformed and Loaded from Hadoop and Hive in EC2.


Senior Manager/Technical Architect at Dataupia Corporation, 1/08-7/09

The product is a data warehouse appliance which provides database and application transparency to a Massively Parallel (MPP) and Aggregate (Cube) backend.

·         Defined functional and performant architectural solutions in applying SQL-92 and Oracle vendor extensions, to our proprietary MPP database to support our transparency layer.

·         Researched Oracle, DB2, SQL Server extensions, federated database issues, and Aggregates.

·         Defined, scoped and ensured timely feature releases and resolved customer escalations issues.

·         Managed a staff of 7 developers/consultant.   Hiring and administrative duties. 


Advisory Engineer at IBM Rational Software, ClearQuest Core Team, 5/03-1/08

ClearQuest (CQ) is an Enterprise Change Management System, enabling customized schema designs.

·         Designed a MetaSchema Upgrade for a distributed database with automated new metaschema, and migration of production customer data.  Zero data loss or corruption, performance considerations, robustness and very little downtime in production was essential.

·         Encapsulated and designed database layer tests for all of ClearQuest.  Testing was at the SQL and ODBC-level on multiple platforms for 4 database vendors.  This layered-level of testing was never present in the product before.

·         Rewired an enterprise customer's down database in less than a week, who had run out of available record ids.  This entailed developing software under intense pressure to ensure referential integrity was maintained while freeing up ids to allow continued use of their database.  This had never been done before.

·         Developed a utility to convert deprecated Oracle datatype use.  Work involved coordinating both database conversion and application awareness in a distributed database environment.

·         Documented database metaschema and schema, including explicit and implicit referential integrity.  This is the basis of CQ database QE and Support training courses.

·         Responsible for ClearQuest database and ODBC Globalization project.



Director of Data Services/Senior Database Architect, 10/01-3/03

Compete, Inc. provides companies quantitative advisory services on competitor activity using web data.

·         Hired and managed  technical staff of 6 including Data Miners, DBA and Developers.  Moved Data Mining Group from San Francisco to Boston with no business interruption or downtime.   Motivated, mentored and directed staff.

·         Brought online and productionalized a multi-terabyte Linux/DB2 Data WebHouse and Vertical DataMarts.   Focused the business requirements, designed the logical/physical schema, wrote the complex, performant SQL and created templates for data miners.  Created queuing system to alleviate concurrent performance issues.   Architected and Implemented database abstraction layer in Python that hides the SQL and transport layer complexity  (Windows and Unix) from the Business Analyst.


Director of Engineering/Principal Architect at TopicalNet formerly Continuum, 11/97-9/01

TopicalNet automatically classifies content including Internet pages, text documents, Corporate Intra/Extranets, and within online advertising networks.

·         All aspects of technical and administrative management, including interviewing, hiring, layoffs and mentoring and reviews of a 10 person development group containing senior programmers, system administrators, database and web developers.  Responsible for putting together a group from scratch that extended client websites (over 300) with our content.  Created their technical toolset. 

·         Took company from R&D environment, using Unix/C/C++ to a flexible, product-based environment (Apache, MySQL, PHP).  Put together 6-month resource plans and project schedules.  Managed the technology and defined deliverables for strategic business relationships.  Liaison with 3rd party software developers.

·         Implemented 65% Performance Improvement to Terabyte Oracle Production Data Warehouse, included Schema redesign, table partitioning, indexing, data reduction, SQL and Pro*C optimizations.

·         Technical Architect and Project Manager of MediaPlanner, the key technical product for the company.  Designed the database, which included solving the “parts explosion problem” within a relational database.  Managed the 6 person technical team to create a web-based, layered product, that allows Media Planners to start with demographics and psychographics and plan out their media campaign.  Technology components I used were MySQL server database implemented via middleware layer of JSP/JavaBeans (jdk1.2.0_02) using a JDBC 2.0 driver and HTML presented from an Apache Server, to complete the 3-tier architecture.

·         Designed and implemented an architecture which allows real-time deployment of our custom content by non-technical webmasters.  This entailed creating multiple, robust constantly running processes programmed in C and C++, with multi-threaded socket calls across redundant servers.  The processes update nameservers in master/slave relationship and deploy new and changed content displayable at users’ sites.  Architecture optimized retrieval while supporting redundant, independent servers.  Designed a user-friendly, web-enabled front-end for the process.

·         Maintained and extended the internals of a proprietary web server written in “C”.  Transitioned from proprietary web server to Apache.  Implemented the new website:

·         Created a Virtual Account Database which used web-spidering agents to pull together information from financial accounts in numerous other databases.  Implemented schema and all database access/update routines in C++/SQLServer.

·         Designed, implemented and benchmarked data parallel algorithms for Oracle server applications on shared-memory processor (SMP) Unix systems.  Techniques included named pipes, threads, mutexes, ramdisk, embedded SQL (Pro*C++), Oracle Parallel Query Option, disk striping, advanced SQL and indexing techniques and data buffer cache tuning.  These C++ algorithms were then used to make performance improvements in project work.

·         Numerous performance improvement projects which included ERP vendors (PeopleSoft and Oracle), NASA, FirstUSA and a major pharmaceutical company.  Consistently saw performance improvements of 75% scaling efficiency (6X with 8 processors).


Technical Module Leader at Domain Solutions, now, 10/96-11/97

PhaseForward is the world's largest provider of clinical research systems.

·         Module Leader responsible for client-server, distributed clinical trials database, written in PowerBuilder and Oracle PL/SQL.  Key technology is proprietary internal engine, which updates and replicates metadata and clinical data across multiple database instances.


Director of Distributed Database Technology at Interactive Data, now, 6/89-10/96

Interactive Data supplies global securities information that supports fund pricing, securities operations, research, and portfolio management.

·         Responsible for budgeting, hiring, managing a staff and being the senior technical contributor.  Duties entail the project management, development, maintenance, quality assurance and releases of a proprietary distributed database system.  System delivers financial time-series data to remote Unix, Vax and IBM mainframe clients.  A subroutine library allows programmable, relational database access.  The full spectrum of database capabilities was built and supported in C, including a query compiler to allow screening, tabular joins, sorting, point and bulk updaters, a data definition language, security, auditing, distributed referential integrity and a DBA tool set.  Database engine and distribution software, together with the financial data, represents over $1.5MM annual revenue.

·         Led a 10 person, cross-functional team in delivering a client/server solution.  Numerous software products were integrated in order to deliver a business solution to a major new customer, worth $1MM in revenue.

·         Researched and prototyped a very large historical security database in Sybase on a SUN/OS Unix platform.  Data modeling and schema definition focused on user presentation and retrieval performance.  User issues investigated included table design for equity, fixed-income, dividend and descriptive information, historical security identifier and exchange mappings, normalization and de-normalization for performance, differentiation of not available codes and presentation of latest data.  System issues investigated included time-series compression, use of adjustment factors, interfacing with proprietary systems and DBA issues such as backup, recovery and reducing database downtime.


Other Software Development Management and Consulting Assignments, 2/78-6/89

·         Directed the development of a major  manufacturer’s WorldWide Marketing Information System.  Written in FOCUS and EXPRESS, system provides reliable, consolidated data on-line, for reporting, graphics, forecasting and planning.  Also built strategic planning systems, which investigate product-positioning issues, forecast the long-range marketing plan and evaluate the marketing effectiveness of international operations.

·         Conceived, developed and marketed numerous Decision Support Systems.  Systems forecast trends in product life-cycles and are used to make avionics purchase decisions based on life-cycle costs.  These systems mathematically model the acquisition process and support networks in order to predict cost, reliability and availability.  Co-author of handbook documenting $500 Million life-cycle cost savings from new concepts in missile guidance systems.

·         Designed, developed and brought to market three 4GL products.  These products provide financial analysts a distributed, database to enter their budgets, flexibly reorganize the underlying data structure and share information in a controlled, auditable manner.

·         Designed and programmed a strategic system for a major brokerage.  The system mathematically optimizes the selection of fixed-income securities in a multi-fund portfolio.  The software minimizes the up-front capital outlay for portfolios ensuring investment returns that are sufficient and timed to meet major construction project cash flow obligations. Written in C, PL/1 and SQL, client/server and relational database technology.



·         Master of Arts, Operations Research/Statistics , 2/78    

·         Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics, (with Distinction, Cum Laude) GPA: 3.4, 5/77

Continuing education in C++, Java, Database, Artificial Intelligence, client/server and n-tier technologies and Management/Personal Development.